Diana Wellens

Counselling and Supervision


 07880 510270

In the North East Wales and Chester Region

First steps:  If you are looking at this page you are probably either trying to find the right person to talk to or wondering whether to talk at all.  It can be difficult to take that first step.

Nervous?  You are thinking about trusting a complete stranger with your private thoughts and feelings – it is perfectly normal to be nervous.  Feel free to call me and have an initial chat. It is often difficult to imagine talking with a stranger and it is important that you find someone you are comfortable with.  

It is fine to leave a message on my phone or email if necessary as no-one else has access to it.  Let me know when it would be convenient to call you back.

Next steps: If you do want to talk more then we can meet for a one-off session. If you want to continue after this then we can decide between us how often we meet.  Some people like to have regular weekly sessions, others want to meet less often or are restricted by jobs, finances and/or family needs. We can work around those and we can work at your pace.

What sort of things can I talk about?  You can talk about anything you want.  You may have a particular problem you want help with or you may be less certain and need help to make sense of your thoughts and feelings.  Everyone is different and the first session will help to give us an idea of what might be useful.  Everything you tell me will be treated in confidence.  I would only share information in very exceptional circumstances – we can talk more about what this means when we meet.

I will work with you to understand better what is going on and how you are feeling.  Together we can look at different ways of managing or making changes and choosing the options that you feel are best for you.


It’s not just me.  If more than one person is coming for counselling (eg a couple) I would like to speak to both/everyone at an early stage to agree what needs to be talked about. It is important that no-one feels forced into doing something against their wishes and that everyone feels that they have a voice.  Sometimes I might ask to see individual members separately to make sure this happens.  This isn’t about keeping secrets but about making sure that I am clear about the needs of each individual person.

How much will it cost?  My normal fee is £45 for a session (50 mins). I do recognise that this is a lot of money to some people so if you don’t feel you can afford that amount please do talk to me and we can try to work something out.

I hope to hear from you soon!