Diana Wellens

Counselling and Supervision


 07880 510270

In the North East Wales and Chester Region


 “A working, collaborative relationship between myself and my supervisee (and the supervisee’s employer where appropriate) in which the supervisee can explore his/her work and matters affecting the work in an open and honest way: reflecting on practice; considering ethical implications and using curiosity to explore different options and developing his/her “inner supervisor”.

The aim of supervision is to enable the supervisee to gain in competence, confidence, compassion and creativity so as to give the best possible service to the client.”

Supervision can mean different things to different people/agencies. For that reason I prefer to speak directly to anyone wanting supervision to find out what they need for their circumstances and to be able to assess with them to what extent I can meet those needs.  

If the above definition seems to be what you are looking for then please contact me to find out more.